Computar® adds a 9.0-50mm Telephoto to the i-CS Intelligent CS-Mount Lens Series

The intelligent i-CS lens series features open protocol technology that directly exchanges information with compatible network cameras.

Computar®, the leading lens manufacturer operated by CBC group, has announced the addition of 9.0-50mm telephoto to the i-CS series of intelligent lenses.  The telephoto lens, the third of the i-CS series is engineered to optimize IP image quality by exchanging information from the lens, to the camera. By communicating lens specifications such as model type, manufacturer, geometrical distortion, focal length, and F-stop, manual configuration time is drastically reduced. i-CS compatible cameras can call up lens information on demand delivering application-specific functions for the selected video surveillance Installation. By allowing remote zoom, EIS and BDC adjustment, set-up time is further streamlined.

With the i-CS lens, the camera can optimize its image quality at all times. Using data from the lens about geometrical distortion, it performs barrel distortion correction (BDC). The lens also contains information that enables the camera to stabilize the image automatically employing electronic image stabilization (EIS). The camera reads this information from the lens - and for the first time in a CS-mount camera - the type of lens being used is communicated.

The i-CS Series is the result of a joint development between Computar Optics and Axis Communications® and has become the new industry standard in intelligent optics.  The Computar i-CS series is also available in 2.8-8.5mm and 3.9-10mm models. For more information, please visit

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