Computar Releases 5MP 55mm Telecentric Lens

June 17, 2015, Commack, NY – Computar announced the release of the TEC-M55MPW, 5MP 55mm telecentric lens.  This C-mount lens yields constant magnification over a range of working distances, virtually eliminating viewing angle error. The 55mm focal length features an optical magnification of 0.057x - 0.5x with less than 1% distortion and has a relative illuminance of more than 80%.

The compact design of the TEC-M55MPW is ideal for machine vision applications requiring accurate measurement of three-dimensional objects with slight height variations.  “The quality optics of Computar’s 5 Megapixel TEC-M55MPW provide high resolution images with the lowest possible geometrical distortion,” stated Terry Sekiya, Sales and Marketing Manager, Computar Optics Group.

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