Computar P-Iris Lenses Now Compatible with CISCO Camera (CIVS-IPC-6000P)

November 13, 2013, Commack, NY – CBC has announced the Cisco Video Surveillance 6000P High-Definition IP Cameras ( CIVS-IPC-6000P ) are now compatible with Computar AG4Z1214KCS-MPIR and AG3Z3112KCS-MPIR P-Iris lenses.

“It is exciting to see the capabilities of the P-Iris lenses used to their full advantage by Cisco.  The P-Iris allows iris control that is both automatic and precise resulting in significantly improved performance to Cisco’s 6000P Series.” according to Jim Holihan, Vice President, CBC (AMERICA) Corp.

The Computar P-Iris lens control optimizes the image quality by enabling the best iris position to be set based on multiple factors. The precise digital iris control enables the cameras software to communicate with the lens allowing it to set the F-Stop where the lens performs optimally. At the same time, the P-Iris camera software electronically adjusts the gain (amplification of the signal level) based on the F-Stop, eliminating the need for a neutral density filter and maintaining the optimal iris position for as long as possible. The result is improved image contrast, resolution and depth of field. With the P-Iris feature you may select or prioritize the best iris mode suitable for your application (best quality or best depth of field).

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