A Practical Guide to Selecting the Right Lens for your Machine Vision Camera

Even with the challenges associated with today’s technological advances in digital imaging, selecting the proper lens for your machine vision application need not be difficult if approached in a systematic manner. Here are three steps with brief explanations about the methodology. November 11, 2017

Seven Important Factors When Selecting a Machine Vision Lens

This paper highlights some of the more common features and functions of lenses used in machine vision. December 19, 2016

Round Lens; Square Pixels; Accurate Images. Really?

This paper outlines the steps in transforming illumination of objects through the lens to digital images and some caveats. December 27, 2016

Simple FA Lens Selection

This paper describes a step-by-step process for selecting a lens for a camera in an FA application. January 2, 2017

Is Your Lens the Weakest Link in Your Hi-Res Application?

This paper presents factors to think about when considering a lens for a high-resolution inspection application . January 2, 2017


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