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LensConnect: The Lenses You Can Control

06 Dec 2021

Oftentimes one of the most annoying issues we face in the lens industry is not being able to control what the lenses focus on. What if you could control your lenses remotely? With LensConnect’s award-winning design, we have now given you that ability. We have recently released the LensConnect Series of motorized lenses, engineered to enable power supply and control via USB.

This high-quality, innovative Plug and Play lens series allows remote adjustment of the zoom, focus, or iris and comes with a simple set-up software compatible with Windows or Linux (zoom adjustment for varifocal models only). In addition, the remote control is easy to achieve—even without any prior knowledge of the lens. The floating focus design delivers ultra-high resolution from near to far, and stepper motors enable precise focus control and high repeatability.

"LensConnect is ideal for various applications, including warehouses and factories," according to Terry Sekiya, Sales and Marketing Manager, Computar Optics Group, "The lenses allow optimal management and inspection of inventory, enabling users to fulfill orders quickly and efficiently."

The award this series won was chosen as a Silver Honoree in the Innovators Awards Program presented by Vision Systems Design (see below).

The first of the series will be available beginning Q1 2022, with varying focal lengths to follow. For more information, go to

Watch us receive our silver award for LensConnect.

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